Professional Planning for Office Furniture Liquidation and Decommissioning

With all the effort and excitement around your new space, it can be easy to overlook office furniture liquidation, decommissioning and move out repairs. However, it is important to plan for your vacated space and surplus assets as early as possible. Last minute plans can result in costly vendors, stressful timelines, property damage and negative impacts on the environment related to unnecessary landfill usage.

At Perdue®, we ensure you find sustainable and budget-friendly outlets for your surplus assets and meet lease requirements for vacated spaces in a timely manner. Our proven process emphasizes the most sustainable options of resale, donation and recycle to significantly reduce landfill usage. We work with a trusted network of furniture liquidators, charities and recyclers to help offset your cost of asset removal, and provide paint, touch ups, signage removal and minor space repairs to help you meet lease requirements.

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Why Partner with Perdue

Why Partner with Perdue

Each year, roughly 16 million tons of office furniture and equipment is landfilled across North America as companies relocate and renovate—much of it still safe and usable. When you partner with us, we help you save money while having a better impact on the environment.

Reduce Waste

Reduce negative impacts on the environment by keeping your furniture out of landfills.

Save Money

We help you generate cash for your gently used office furniture.

Give Back

Our strategic partnerships help match unsold surplus furniture with those in need.

Office Liquidation and Decommissioning Services

Decommissioning service during office move

Office Liquidation and Decommissioning Services

Our comprehensive surplus asset and vacated space menu includes:

  • Furniture and equipment inventory for surplus asset planning
  • Professional liquidation, donation and recycle planning
  • Disassembly and removal of furniture, data cabling and technology equipment
  • Comprehensive controls to protect confidential documents and data
  • Paint and repairs to meet lease turnover requirements


Plan for Your Surplus Assets

Contact us ensure you can make the most of your unneeded assets and meet move out timelines to save money.

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