Perdue Office Interiors


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Perdue supplies solutions to higher and k-12 education facilities across North Florida. Pulling from several manufacturers, including Steelcase’s Education line, we offer a large catalog of products to fit the needs of the ever changing education field.

We are focused on helping schools, colleges and universities create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments to meet the evolving needs of students and educators. Through our insight-led research and innovation

in furniture, tools and technologies for learning spaces, we have a passion for understanding how learning best takes place and how smarter, active learning spaces can help.

Amidst all the changes in students, technology and education, Steelcase is working with educators and designers to rethink classrooms, libraries, common areas and other in between spaces to incorporate user-friendly technology, flexible furniture and other tools to support active learning.

Verb Classroom Collection

Verb tables are specifically designed to support different learning modes and encourage easy shifts between lecture, discussion, and project work. Unique shapes promote interaction, while a variety of sizes allow Verb to work in any classroom.

These Chevron shaped tables improve sight lines, encourage collaboration and help define a personal work area—even in lecture mode. The team table is designed for group work that requires interaction and collaboration, while maintaining personal work space. Side hooks hold whiteboards and backpacks, while the side dock becomes a platform for group collaboration.

Node Classroom Seating

The Node chair is mobile and flexible. It’s designed for quick, easy transitions from one teaching mode to the next. With Node, a classroom can transition from lecture mode to team mode and back again, without interruption.

Its casters lend mobility for quick, easy transitions between teaching modes. The swivel seat keeps open sightlines between student and instructor, whiteboard, and other students. A personal worksurface swivels in tandem with seat and is adjustable for users of all sizes. It accommodates left- and right-handed students and is large enough to support students’ digital and analog resources.