Workplace Ongoing Support

As your office furniture provider, we understand your business and facilities, and offer a comprehensive menu of services to support your active workplace and keep your office in top condition. Working with Perdue® for your ongoing facility needs immediately reduces complexity and the number of vendors you manage.

Another advantage of partnering with Perdue is that we are owned by America’s largest office moving company, therefore we can simplify your facility support program by providing highly capable cross-trained teams to handle all your ongoing needs. We support everything from basic moves, furniture repairs and adjustments all the way up to complex technology projects, furniture reconfigurations and large moves.

Our ongoing services are performed by in-house employees, giving us more control over the quality of your services, and we dedicate service teams to your facilities, so you enjoy the continuity and ease of working with the same people day in and day out.

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Moves, Add, Changes Services

Moves, Add, Changes Services

Our complete menu of ongoing facilities support includes:

  • On-site work order management and coordination
  • Design planning and CAD support
  • Furniture cleaning, repairs, warranty services and adjustments
  • Furniture reconfiguration, moves and installation
  • Ergonomic program support
  • Daily moves, group moves and special event support
  • Desktop equipment moves (including disconnect, reconnect, cable management and testing)
  • Data center and lab relocation
  • Technology equipment deployments and end of life cycle services
  • Warehousing, storage and asset management
  • Surplus asset removal, resale, donation, recycle and disposal

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Our dedicated teams can support all your ongoing needs with innovative technology that gives you more control and better employee experiences.

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