Classroom and office chairs are essential for students and educators to experience a healthy, productive learning environment. While there is a diverse chair marketplace, many may not have the innovation necessary to meet the unique needs of schools, universities, and education environments.

When designing blended or hybrid workspaces for education, following key design principles such as social connections, high flexibility, and tech integration can help you identify furniture products ideal for your space. Suitable seating can improve engagement, easily align with new ways of learning, support tech tools, and create better space dynamics.

As a Steelcase Premier Partner and a leading provider of office furniture Jacksonville and Tallahassee education providers trust, we’ve identified five stylish chair designs featuring high-performance components that boost space efficiency, improve versatility, and are manufactured using sustainable materials, great for people and the planet.


Less static, more mobility. The evolution of active learning requires versatile seating to support diverse learning modes. The Steelcase Tenor  chair is a mobile design that can seamlessly adapt to any active learning style. The chair features a flexible back enabling micro-movements, non-directional seating, an open frame for easy body rotation and enhanced flow. You can modify the chair to include a foot bar, bag hook, or both.


A classroom chair with all-in-one capabilities? Provide comfort, convenience, and a seamless transition through different work modes with the Turnstone Shortcut with Tripod Base by Steelcase. It’s a modern version of the traditional education chair and desk combo units, but with better features enhancing the learning experience. The Shortcut has a 360° swivel seat and wheels for optimum movement. Plus, a tripod base for students to easily store personal belongings or work materials. Shortcut’s worksurface also provides flexibility, accommodating both left and right-handed users.


If space efficiency is top priority, you need a universal seating style that can be easily stored and integrated into various design aesthetics. Stackable chairs are the perfect solution offering the versatility and durability to fit many learning spaces, such as lecture halls, classrooms, and student common areas. Max Stacker III by Steelcase can be stacked 45 high on a dolly or 12 high on the floor, presenting greater efficiency options for your space. The Max Stacker has proven performance that complements your education environment style.


Seat arrangements can influence the impact of lesson plans and effective collaboration. Selecting a chair design that improves classroom performance by offering lesson plan mobility is ideal for all the ways students learn. As educators transition through learning activities, Node by Steelcase provides a smart solution for effortlessly arranging and rearranging classroom designs for a more collaborative environment. The Node features an attractive cushion seat for long stretches of sitting and an optional swivel base for fluid movement. This chair design is a perfect match for campus libraries, cafés, lounges and versatile for corporate learning spaces.


Teachers and students deserve long-lasting comfort managing workloads throughout the day. For lengthy meetings, team activities, and study sessions, a chair that can adjust to comfort levels for long periods is essential for learning environments. Cobi by Steelcase is an office chair with an ergonomic design, offering a top flexing edge to comfortably rest your arm, an open frame to sit sideways and flex seating that supports various postures. Its best feature is a weight-activated mechanism that senses your center of gravity and adjusts to a position that puts less stress on your body. Users can enjoy all-day comfort and an enhanced learning experience.

At Perdue, our education workspace experts can help you create an active learning design for your unique environment. Our partnership with Steelcase presents insightful office furniture design solutions that inspire improved learning, space efficiency, and social engagement, meeting the evolving needs of students and educators.

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