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Answer Freestanding by Steelcase

Answer Freestanding

Answer Freestanding features desks, tables, storage units that create individual workstations, private offices and team spaces, all with a consistent aesthetic.

Reply by Steelcase


Work happens in many places. Choices for seating are abundant with Reply — a complete global family of task and guest chairs that are as nice to look at as they are to sit in.



Currency is a contemporary desk system designed to work as a stand-alone product or work with other systems.

Sistema Lounge System by Coalesse

Sistema Lounge System by Coalesse

Sistema Lounge System is an innovative modular system of fully mixable arms, backrests, bases and accessories in the spirit of the modern sofa.

Campfire Lounge by turnstone

Campfire Lounge

Campfire Lounges by turnstone bring style to any space with gorgeous fabric options and deep-seat comfort. Energize your team with a soft, collaborative place to land.

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